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Individuals have customized treatment plans, focused specifically on their goals for recovery. The structured therapeutic environment empowers individuals to develop a healthy physical, mental, and spiritual self, free from the challenges of Substance Use Disorder. Individuals are embraced by the welcoming and recuperative experiences while fostering the skills and resources needed to lead a sober life.

  • Individual, group, and family therapy.
  • Multi-disciplinary treatment teams including: doctors, nurses, licensed counselors, and peer recovery support specialists.
    • Peer Recovery Support Specialists provide personal insight into their own recovery and how individuals can utilize their experiences to help further their recovery. Specialists are certified through the State of Oklahoma.
    • Psychiatric medication management available, including medication for opioid use disorder (Suboxone).
    • Holistic approach to treatment inclusive of mind, body, and spirit.
  • Assistance with accessing Medical Detoxification when needed
    • Daily recreational and wellness activities

SUD Leadership

Alicia Mass

LADC, Director of Substance Use Disorder Recovery Services

Karla Welsh

Associate Director of Residential Services

Clark Grothe

Behavioral Health Director

Funding for treatment

at The Pines of Poteau

Accepted Health Insurance

Accepted Health Insurance Plans

The Pines accepts health insurance for Substance Use Disorder treatment services.

Our admissions coordinator will work with you and your insurance company to determine the right option for your care.

In-Network Insurance

In-Network Insurance at The Pines

Health insurance companies with approved plans that cover residential treatment services for Substance-Use Disorders are considered “in-network”.

Verify your benefits and estimate your financial responsibility by calling the numbers below.



Securing funds for Substance Use Disorder treatment is often a significant challenge for consumers. Concerns about affordability can cause people to feel they have few options or that they cannot receive treatment. Fortunately, there are a variety of financing options available to help fund treatment.

Residential treatment for Substance Use Disorder is a significant investment that can benefit one’s health, family life, personal relationships, financial stability and professional success. Individuals often avoid seeking treatment due to financial worries. The Pines has several financing options available to assist with payment on all or a portion of residential treatment.

Benefits of Financing

  • How Much I am Able to Borrow (Immediate decisions for rehab loans under $35,000)
  • No collateral required
  • No prepayment penalties
  • Doesn’t affect credit to apply
  • Up to 84 month payment options
  • 100% confidential
  • fast & easy application process

Financial FAQ's for

SUD-Residential Treatment

Factors determining the complete cost of treatment can vary as individual situations and treatments are different. Determining an appropriate level of care based on needs is one such factor. Consumers often fund their treatment through health insurance and this coverage varies amongst different providers and plans. Our admissions coordinator will verify benefits to estimate costs covered by insurance and costs that would be the consumer’s responsibility.

Call us at 918-647-2155 ext. 2046 or 800-640-9741. Our admissions coordinator will work with you and your insurance company to determine the right option for your care.

Programs at The Pines of Poteau are not covered by Medicaid or Medicare.

Programs at The Oaks of McAlester are covered by Medicaid and Medicare.

Yes. The Pines of Poteau provides resources that connect consumers to healthcare financing. For more information, call and request to speak with our admissions coordinator at 918-647-2155 ext. 2046 or 800-640-9741.

The cost of an individual’s care is identified through a clinical assessment of needs and an evaluation of current situation to determine the appropriate level and length of care.

The assessment and evaluation will help determine whether the consumer will require detoxification, residential treatment, or a range of outpatient treatments.

Our admissions coordinator will work with the consumer and insurance company to verify specific coverage and benefits. An assessment will result in a clinical determination of the appropriate level of care and intensity for the consumer. Some insurance plans may require a pre-authorization before services are covered. We work on behalf of the consumer to obtain authorization for the specified care recommended by the clinical treatment team.

Once treatment is authorized, our team will conduct periodic reviews with the consumer’s insurance company and provide updates regarding progress and clinical necessity for the continuation or discontinuation of a particular level of care.

The consumer will be informed if, and when, treatment days are authorized or denied, including when the initial level of care is no longer needed.  The consumer will also be informed when they are able to move to a less intensive level of care that will be covered by their insurance, provided this is clinically appropriate.

At the Pines of Poteau, we understand not everyone needs the same treatment length and intensity.  These factors will vary from individual to individual. As such, we take a consumer-centered approach to our treatment services. Treatments received at the Pines of Poteau are not defined by a specific number of days. The individual needs of the consumer remain our main focus, which help determines the level of care recommended. Advancement through treatment is achieved when the consumer works on specified treatment goals that are based on the consumer’s situation and clinical recommendations of their treatment team. Progress assessments are completed on a weekly basis and our treatment team will communicate those outcomes with the consumer’s insurance company to assure coverage is reflective of updates and recommendations.

For Referring Professionals

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We know that sending individuals to a right treatment center can be a difficult decision to make for a professional.  You want to ensure that the individual that you are referring to us gets the best treatment that they can that gives them the greatest chance for long-term recovery.  We are happy to answer any questions you might have about our facility, staff or treatment methods.

Opioid Information & Overdose Treatment

Opioid addiction can begin easily and can be deadly. If someone overdosed would you know what to do? Click the link for more information about opioids and how you can help prevent overdose deaths.

The Oaks Information

For more information about residential and outpatient substance use disorder treatment services at The Oaks of McAlester, click the link above.

The Pines Information

For more information about residential and outpatient substance use disorder treatment services at The Pines of Poteau, click the link above.

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The Health & Wellness Center (HWC) is the largest rural Community Health Center (CHC) in Oklahoma. The HWC vision began in 2003 when a group of community-minded individuals saw the need for access to quality, affordable care. HWC has been proudly serving Southeastern Oklahoma since 2005 with one simple goal in mind: commitment to affordable, accessible care. HWC offers integrated medical, dental, optometry, behavioral health counseling and psychiatry, residential and outpatient substance use disorder treatment, and pharmacy services. HWC serves over 30,000 patients annually, helping provide access to care in rural Oklahoma.

What’s a Community Health Center?

The Oaks of McAlester and The Pines of Poteau are two branches of The Grove at HWC. Through our treatment facilities, we are able to provide treatment resources and help over 300 individuals struggling with substance use each year.

Since 2018, HWC has provided residential substance use disorder treatment at The Oaks of McAlester. The Oaks provides treatment options for both men and women, as well as women with children, and is a great option for clients with Medicare and SoonerCare. If we can help you on your journey to recovery, please call us today at (800) 640-9741 click here for more information.

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